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"Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace."

Dalai Lama  (via literallyemma)

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"I’m not used to being loved. I wouldn’t know what to do."

F. Scott Fitzgerald, ”More Than Just A House (via 5weetsorrow)

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"Some days breathing is both too much and not enough."

10 Word Poem" series - #88 (via lettersto-savemyself)

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"Don’t be a jerk. Try to love everyone. Give more than you take. And do it despite the fact that you only really like about seven out of 500 people."

Judd Apatow

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"And it was after months of silence that I realised we make better strangers than we ever did anything else."

Unknown (via perfect)

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"I like cancelled plans. And empty bookstores. I like rainy days and thunderstorms. And quiet coffee shops. I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings."

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"You’ve become so damaged that when someone tries to give you what you deserve, you have no fucking idea how to respond."

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"I’m sorry I gave you everything I had without making sure you wanted it."

Heavy (#418: April 21, 2014)

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"What I mean is, I’m tired of everything gorgeous. Of the burden of burning. Of wondering when. What I mean is, on some nights I miss you so much that I never want to see you again."

Ali Shapiro (via prelovers)

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